“OR LEAMI” Handmade Art

Or Leami was founded in 2010 by Yossi Barami.
Yossi grew up in Jerusalem and started this business with the desire to bring a new line to the field of Judaica.
Most of the products in the store are designed by Yossi Barami.
All of the products that can be found in the store are handmade as well as produced and designed by Or Leami.

Our accumulated knowledge and experience over the past 11 years lets customers breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that we provide them with great quality and a wide range of Judaica items for any and every taste.
“OR LEAMI” products can be found adorning and illuminating hundreds of houses across the world; this is for the pure pleasure and total satisfaction of many hundreds of believers. Our customers range from synagogues, yeshivot, Chabad houses all over the world to government offices and more.

“Handmade products made out of Jerusalem mountain stones”

We employ a team of professional designers who focus on developing items in combination with modern and contemporary designs. These designs always have an emphasis on quality and there is special attention given to the details which make up the final shape of our items.

Once a customer chooses their favorite design and style, we select the perfect materials that will fit their criteria. This includes an accurate sketch, perforation, and the choice of high-quality embroidery threads. In addition, we would never forget to think about the perfect ribbons that fit the product.

Our production process is done without any compromise, starting from the selection of material to the work method – all while maintaining and adhering to strict quality controls. Each item, prior to its purchase, is checked by a comprehensive and complete overview in order to offer the perfect product, without defects, that matches the order.
This control system ensures the best quality for the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Amongst our products and items that are available in store, we offer the manufacturing of Jerusalem Stone, Judaica, jewelry, as well as custom items (only by special order).

Our professional team is at your service any time you need and for any question and inquiry. We are ready to face any challenge to provide you the best service with professional solutions. Over the years, “OR LEAMI” has become synonymous with quality, professionalism, and reliability.